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Islamic Republic of Iran Outlook Plan for 2025

By virtue of this Outlook Plan, Islamic Republic of Iran will be a developed country by 2025, the first economic, scientific and technological power of the region, while maintaining its Islamic and Revolutionary identity, inspiring for the world of Islam, having constructive and efficient interaction within framework of international relations; in that prospect, Iranian community is characterized as a dynamic, responsible nation, marked by cooperative discipline and spirit; furthermore, social justice, equal opportunities and appropriate income distribution system are among other features of cooperative sector stipulated in the country’s Outlook Plan.
Based on this document, the Cooperative Sector plays an effective role in creating the following merits:
- Provision of social justice, health, welfare, equal opportunities, fair distribution of revenues;
- Enhancement of cooperative spirit and responsiveness;
- Fast and constant economic growth of the country;
- Increase of country’s per capita revenue;
- Access to full employment