cooperatives in constitutional law

Article 43:
Provision of decent job conditions and facilities for all, aiming at full employment, and securing means of working for qualified individuals who are denied needed facilities, based on a cooperative pattern, while being mindful about impeding the occurrence of wealth hoarding by special groups, as well as prohibiting Government from turning into an absolute authority.
Article 44:
Accomplishment of the role by cooperative sector as one of the triple parts of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s economic system, abiding by Islamic rules.

General Policies of Fourth Development Plan
Para 47:
To empower cooperative and private sectors as driving force of economic development and deregulation, while preserving the efficient presence of Government in administrative domains within the framework of General Policies of Article 44 of the Constitution.
Para 48:
To enhance the capacities and capabilities of cooperative sector through encouraging the access to resources, information, technology, communications and developing its technical, economic and financial links